God Commands You To Store Up For Yourself

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Don’t store treasures for yourselves here on earth where moths and rust will destroy them and thieves can break in and steal them.  But store your treasures in heaven where they cannot be destroyed by moths or rust and where thieves cannot break in and steal them.”  Matthew 6:19-20 NCV

Lord, I used to think that it was selfish to store up treasure for myself, but now I realize that You commanded us to do just that. Thank You for reminding me what kind of treasures will last, and where they need to be stored. Help me now, Lord, to be rich in giving to others and to the church and also to be wealthy in good deeds and acts of kindness. Help me to always remember that treasure stored here won’t last, and that doing good deeds adds enormously to my eternal bank account. I want to have credits for my eternal life, so lead me to do good. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.