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Includes all the actual PowerPoint presentations Steve Uses in his 4-day, 7-lesson seminars called, “Demons vs Prayer.”  Also, file updates are uploaded as made available as Steve adds sections to these presentations and adds whole new sections.  This also includes many prayers to go with the verses used and embedded links to the YouTube videos that help illustrate the points made in the lessons.

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  1. God Works By Covenant

  2. Spiritual Warfare 101

  3. The Supernatural & Symbols

  4. Demonic Attacks, Fear vs. Faith & Spiritual Weapons

  5. Prayer Hindrances, Land Markers & After The Armor Is On

  6. Resources, Staying Faithful, A Charge & My Favorite Prayers

  7. Power In The NAME


  1. Symbols Matter

  2. Demonic Attacks On Children

  3. How Did This Happen?

  4. Covenant - Extended

  5. Ephesians 6

  6. Galatians 6

  7. Matthew