My Search For The Real Heaven - Second Edition - Digital Copy

My Search For The Real Heaven - Second Edition - Digital Copy


What do you see in your mind's eye when you hear the word 'heaven'? Do you see transparent people floating on clouds and playing harps? Or do you imagine a perpetual praise and worship service, singing 'Holy, Holy, Holy' for all eternity? This often-promoted Christian view of eternity doesn't even appeal to the saved-much less to the unsaved. But is this the true, biblical picture? Not even close. After his father died, author Steve Hemphill began searching the Bible for glimpses of heaven, anything to give him comfort about his father's new home. My Search for the Real Heaven is the culmination of seven years of studying, meditating, and cross-referencing biblical findings and is unique in its Bible-based evaluation of eternity. Find the real heaven with Steve Hemphill.

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