In the summer of 2018, I decided to pay for video recordings of my 6 lessons on spiritual warfare, “Demons vs Prayer.” It was going to be sort of expensive, but they were going to let me pay it out. I did this for a couple of reasons. One, I can only be one place at a time, and there’s only one of me. And, two, since my wife doesn’t really want me traveling overseas anymore because of my diabetes (I have been a type 1 diabetic on insulin for 42 years), the videos can reach people I will never be able to meet in person. 

The venue was set, and I let it be known that I wanted a small audience there for the filming. (I do a lot better talking to PEOPLE than just to a CAMERA.) A Hollywood movie director called me. 

“You don’t know me,” he began, “but I follow your work and love what you are doing. I’d like to offer to come in and direct your videos at no charge because I believe what you are doing is very important, and should be done professionally.” 

“OK,” I responded humbly, “FREE is actually in my price range.” ;-)

But when he arrived and surveyed the setting and the plans, he wanted more lighting, more cameras, more props, and more editing. The price doubled. I try to be careful with money but decided that since God had sent this guy to help, I should listen to him and do everything exactly as he instructed. I knew this was going to take me a lot longer to pay off, but God would somehow see me through. 

We had about 50 people in attendance, and we filmed all 6 lessons in only 3 nights so we could keep production costs at a minimum. I changed clothes during a break between the sessions, and the audience changed seats to make it look like we had a new crowd each time. Everything went off flawlessly, and the film crew, the director, and the plans all went off without a single hitch. The only thing that had to be re-filmed was a short story I told because someone coughed loudly in the audience just as I finished the story. None of us could believe how perfectly everything went. God’s hand was again on this ministry. (I have often said that God has given me the ministry no one else wanted.” 

One man in the audience for these filmings saw what I was doing and volunteered to PAY for the videos. Yes. God still delivers. Then he told me that he wanted me to meet with his lawyer the next week. 

“What for?,” I asked. 

This is EXACTLY how he responded: 

“People are going to want to help with what you are doing. We are going to form you a non-profit, and money is going to POUR in.” 

That’s what he said. It isn’t what I was expecting, and I didn’t ask for this, but I have seen God work in amazing ways and usually do more than I ever expected. 

And the bottom line is basically that no one else is really doing what I am doing. 

Yes, I know, some are making fun of me and the idea of the stakes, but they made fun of Paul for teaching the resurrection. I’m doing my best to follow God and go through the doors He opens for me while staying in His Word and true to Him. 

All this has led me to where I am today, leading a ministry at and a non-profit 501(c)3 called Steve Hemphill Ministries. 

Non-profits have to have 3 meeting per year, reporting to a board. We have 5 wonderful board members, and it’s truly an honor to serve with this group. 

When we had our 2nd board meeting in the summer of 2019 and I gave a report of what was happening to the ministry in terms of growth and everything I was doing to keep the ball rolling (I have been a 1-man operation for 10 years), their response to me was, “Brother, you are going to burn out. We need to get you some help. 

Web traffic has doubled the last 2 years in a row, I’m handling as many as 200 phone calls per month from people all over the world, I am doing shipping, ordering, travel planning, writing, videoing, encouraging, calendar updating, and social media updating, and I, too, have begun to realize that I can’t do it all anymore—I need help. 

Help costs money, and I’m uncomfortable inviting donations, but God seems to keep nudging me that direction. I haven’t had a salary in 10 years, and I have never charged anyone to come speak, but I confess that I can’t focus on the ministry and the writing without being able to turn these other things over to others. 

Additionally, I want to be able to provide FREE stakes and videos and other materials to people who can’t afford them and especially to missionaries all over the world. 

If this is a cause that touches your heart, then I invite you to click the link below and make a one-time donation OR contact me at so we can set you up on a convenient monthly giving program. 

Finally, I solicit your prayers. My heart’s desire is simply to help people get free from the clutches of Satan, sin, and ultimately death. Thank you for your support. 

Your Servant, 

Steve Hemphill Author / Speaker / Teacher My Search for the Real Heaven

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When we become warriors of our faith and retake the land for the Kingdom of God, we stake the ground: Genesis 1:1, 2 Samuel 22:3, Luke 4:10, Psalm 7:1, Psalm 7:10, Nehemiah 4:9, Job 1:10, Proverbs 30:5, Mark 6:20, 1 Peter 1:5, Ezra 8:21-22, Jeremiah 1:8, Acts 26:22, Job 11:18, Matthew 26:53, John 17:11, Isaiah 33:21 We claim this territory for the Creator of the Universe In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ who died for us!