Many families and individuals struggle daily with an enemy they can not see. We might think you’re fighting against a flesh-and-blood enemy, but we’re not. We are doing battle against evil forces who are not visible in this four-dimensional world (length, width, depth, and time). We are fighting an unseen, powerful enemy: evil spirits living in a dimension where they can see us and work against us, but we can’t yet see them. Keep that in mind.

My prayer is to teach people about spiritual warfare, heaven and the power of prayer as it teaches in the scriptures. I hope you find this site as a great resource as you learn and grow deeper in God's Word.

Love you, Steve Hemphill


It all started when…

Steve Hemphill was born & raised in a small town in central Texas, Mason.  He attended Abilene Christian University from 1975 to 1979, graduating thank the Lordy with a Marketing Degree.  He put that talent to work when he established and ran his own technology company in the Northeast Texas area for almost 28 years.  He built that business to 35 employees and $6 million in annual revenue before becoming the author of a book on heaven, “My Search for the Real Heaven.”  This book was the direct result of Steve finding a sealed envelope addressed to him in his father’s safe after his dad passed away.  It instructed Steve to destroy the sealed envelope without opening it.  

After the release of his book on heaven, Steve began to get speaking invitations all over the country from churches who wanted to use his book and his presentations on heaven for a community outreach.  

This led to a second book, “My Search for Prayers Satan Hates,” which is focused on spiritual warfare and the power of prayer, and a third book on this topic, “What Are The Stakes?”  Steve does an outreach lecture series on these books called, “Demons vs. Prayer,” or simply, “Spiritual Warfare.”   

Steve sold out of business in 2009, and, although he gets no salary for being in ministry, and charges no fee to come speak, he has spoken in 180 cities in 18 states and 3 countries since becoming an author and inspirational speaker.  

He has a passion for ministry and people, and love to share his “God Stories.”


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