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Interview in Nashville on Stories of Amazing Grace - Spiritual Warfare & Prayer Power

Steve is a passionate speaker, teacher, and author. He has a 6 lesson series on spiritual warfare called, “Demons vs Prayer,” that goes from Sunday morning to Wednesday night, and includes Bible class & worship on Sunday morning. He also has a series called “All About Heaven” that fills the same time frame. BOTH of these are EXCELLENT outreach topics to bring in visitors from the community AND encourage your local congregation. He also does marriage retreats called, “Does your marriage have a prayer?”, and mens’ retreats called, “Growing into Spiritual Manhood.” Steve also speaks to many youth groups, ladies gatherings, and mission Sunday presentations. Finally, he has a terrific lesson to help elevate your contribution called, “Living and Giving in Light of Eternity.”

Steve would be HONORED to be invited to speak for your group, church, or organization. . 

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