Demons vs Prayer Television

Season 1.1 Series



Episode 1.1: God Works By Covenant

God made a covenant with Abram, but why did God change Abram’s name to Abraham? When God to Abram to go get a heifer, how did Abram know to cut the heifer in half? Why did God’s enemy (Satan) become our enemy? Why did God ask Abram to sacrifice Isaac? Why was circumcision required as a covenant mark? What is the significance of the covenant meal? Are there any New Testament equivalents to the ancient covenant fringe Abram’s time? The answers to these questions and many more are part of this eye-opening lesson, and this session lays the groundwork for a discussion of prayer power and spiritual warfare.

Episode 1.2: Spiritual Warfare 101

This lesson gets into the meat of active, modern spiritual warfare and prayer basics. It begins with an overview of all the sections that will follow, and then artfully cracks open the door to the unseen realm with scriptural examples of spiritual warfare in Bible times. Then Steve shares a series of real-life stories that completely changed his views on demons in the modern world and how to fight them effectively. The video of the damage in his home during a Bible study by a demon-harassed young man is startling, and let to prayers that claimed his city for God. Learn what local Christians did in Longview, TX that lowered the crime rate by 45%—after a 14 straight year period of drastic crime increases. Steve leaves no doubt that God’s word is still powerful.

Episode 1.3: Demons In Scripture, A Supernatural Bible & Symbols Matter

This lesson begins with two bone-chilling stories; 1 from a former Satanist, and 1 modern example of demonic attack on on a child in a Christian family. It continues considering biblical acts of faith and biblical endorsement for modern acts of faith, including binding and loosing. Steve points out that the Bible is a supernatural book, and goes straight into a list of 25 demons named in Scripture—including the territories the Bible says that each of these demons were in charge of. He sprinkles in real stories from present-day elders, witches, and ministers who are dealing with demon-harassed members in todays’ society. Then he covers symbols (like porn) that allow evil to invade our modern homes and lives, and how these things cause God’s Holy Spirit to back away from us as we make bad choices.

Episode 1.4: Demonic Attacks, Fear Vs Faith & 34 Spiritual Weapons

Can demons affect Christians? Listen to these shocking examples and answers to that difficult question. Attacks come from the world, the flesh, and the devil. There isn’t a demon under every bush, but that doesn’t mean demons are actively attacking present-day Christians. Learn more possibilities about Paul’s thorn in the flesh and Bible revelations on that. Learn the reason you wake up and worry at night and how fear and faith cannot coexist. Remember, fear is faith in Satan. Then see a Bible list of 34 spiritual weapons straight from Scripture and real-life stories of how these have worked in the lives of other Christians. God has NOT left us defenseless today.

Episode 1.5: Prayer Hindrances, Markers On The Land & After The Armor Is On

Did you know the Bible teaches that some things can hinder your prayers? It does! Listen as Steve reviews this eye-opening list and the verses that reveal them. Did you know faith and miracles are connected? Scripture teaches they are! Then watch as Steve reveals a long list of Biblical precedence for markers on the land. The unseen realm is real, and the battle is over where we will each spend eternity. Then listen as Steve spends some time in Ephesians 6. What does THAT CHAPTER say we should do once we have the armor on? Few know! You will LOVE the answer!

Episode 1.6: Resources, Staying Faithful, A Charge & Favorite Prayers

Here Steve offers a long list of other resources by wise authors in this realm of spiritual warfare. Then enjoy a sobering discussion about staying faithful through difficult times. We ALL will experience times of great trial, so listen up and be prepared! Are excuses just lies? The discussion of Moses and his desire for someone else to lead Israel out of Egypt will open your eyes to modern possibilities in your own life about how your own excuses might just be lies, too! Then Steve offers a CHARGE for all who have dug deeper in this arena of spiritual warfare and prayer power. You will be inspired! Finally, Steve shares a few of his favorite prayers to encourage you toward creativity and specificity in your own daily prayer life.

Episode 2.1 – Coming Soon!

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
— Ephesians 6:12

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